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presents his Millionaire Marketing International "Social Media Press Kit".
Our Unique Advertising Services will help Your Business Have More Success Faster!

Major Airline travelers are the perfect blend of the ideal target market audience composed of affluent business executives, senior business decision makers, successful professionals, business road warriors, leisure travelers, action-oriented families, vacationing retirees and individuals with high disposable incomes here in the USA and all around the world....and every one of them is an active and interested consumer.

This is your opportunity to reach, engage and hold the attention of an affluent and Ideal Target Audience composed of tens of millions of busy, on-the-go consumers and they will be reading your advertisement in an unrivalled environment-not only captive, but relaxed and free from life's distractions and very receptive to advertising messages like yours.

Imagine this audience reading your advertisement like this. No cell phones. No business interruptions. No family distractions. Captivated consumers who are engaged with the enjoyment of flying and reading their in-flight magazine for a period of uninterrupted hours.

Airline in-flight magazine readers are cultured, prosperous, well-traveled, and technical savvy consumers in addition to being key decision makers in both business and family life, and they can be reading your advertisement by the millions...every single day.

This unique and valuable target audience averages about 50% men and 50% women, they are affluent with average household incomes over $100,000 per year and they are well educated and well-established.
The demographics of airline travelers are twice the national average of all other media channels combined, plus over 40% of the response activity from airline in-flight magazine ads is Internet driven.

MMI can help you to get your advertisement placed in these major Airline In-Flight magazines at Extreme Discounted Rates. Contact us now to find out if your business qualifies for our services.


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